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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Posting some bad News

Unfortunately we are unable to adopt Ronald.  Hard to explain in words at this moment.  My heart is torn.

Monday, February 12, 2018


DAY ONE and counting..
Today our Home study has been received at USCIS and now we wait for our finger prints.
May these days ahead pass quickly.  We were told that now we will be traveling to Texas instead of Mississippi for our fingerprints.  So this will be a great change from previous areas we were printed at. 
We still have to update our FBI finger prints and send these off for authentication.  And next begin updating all our documents so they do not expire.  Our family will be traveling during the winter this next year so we will began collecting winter items for the children's orphanage.  We try hard each trip to leave donations to the little ones that remain behind.  During our adoption we will do a duffle~bag fundraiser to pack the items in.  Presently it cost $100 extra to bring a nice size duffle.  So we will fill this with socks, mittens, hats and small crib size blankets.  So of this stuff we can purchase over in their country but some items are very high and hard to come by.   I remember our first adoption we brought tricycles and stuffed them around clothes for the younger children.  With all the years that have passed there are many new children stores where you can purchase things there with out having to pay for duffles.  I learn over the years what items cost more and also items that are very hard to find.

Hard to keep from purchasing clothing.  So I shop the sales this winter and estimate what sizes I think they might wear.   With all the children we have adopted most of the children are a little smaller than their actually age.  When traveling I carry a note book and pen and pencil.  I trace their feet and check the tags in their clothing.  I also bring a small foot measurer so when I am shopping the markets I look for heavy winter boots and snow suits for them, should it be during the colder months.  Winter packing involves more luggage than the summer months.  I suggest to all is to layer your clothes, foot wear is the most important thing next to a good winter coat.  Purchase comforter socks and footwear.  In winter rubber rainboots and lined if possible.  There are plenty of boots available in their country.  So purchase there if possible. but always have a good pair of walking shoes.  You will be walking a lot so I suggest you take small walks each day to be prepared.  I worn out several pairs of footwear while over seas.  While at airport wear easy to slip on and and slip of footwear.  Bring a pair of fold able house slippers for orphanage visits.  Some orphanages require that you remove your shoes.. 

Let's talk about planning and preparing.  We have months to prepare for our trip and also we have learn to pack the correct way to save time and worries.  We learned what not to bring and what we need to survive.   Food is plenty and save the space.  Never over pack, I say never over pack.  What you bring you will carry. Clyde is mobile so we will learn just how mobile he is.  Our understanding he is a typical little wild boy.  Much like our Katya was when we adopted her.  Now that she is older she has calmed down greatly.  

This week I am going to shop these winter sales to gather up things for Clyde.  I have began to make each little guy a blanket for them when we adopt him.  This way they can keep warm while in country and also when traveling home.


Homeland Security has received our Homestudy and all necessary documents are included.  So now we wait for our finger print date for our family.  During this time we are fundraising the much needed funds for two little boys.

Breakdown of USA fees paid for Dossier:

REECES RAINBOW  Love Offering                                            ($250)
FSP                                                                                                   ($25)

Home Study                                                                                  ($1600)
CCAI   Provider Agency                                                              ($2750)
HHA                                                                                                ($900)

USCIS Fees                                                                                   ($720)

Fingerprinting USCIS                                                                      ($255)
Fingerprinting State & Local 3 sets each person times three people ($270)
Fingerprinting FBI                                                                          ($330)
FBI authentications                                                                         ($255)

Notary fees  HS                                                                              ($200)
Medicals for Family $100 per person                                              ($700)
Marriage Licenses                                                                          ($100)
Appostille for ML                                                                            ($100)
Initial HHA~documents for commitment notary fees                           ($100)
USPS Fees for Documents etc..                                                          ($175)
Notary & Appostille documents  30 times $20                                 ($650)

Travel involved to Arkansas Capital                                                ($100) 

Fees currently total as of: 02/12/2018                                            (9,380)  

This does not include travel involved for fingerprinting out of state 
or updating documents, medicals, notary fees, postage as they occur.
These fees will be added on as they occur to finish our Dossier.

Estimated costs facilitator  ($17,000) 2 CHILDREN
Airline fees vary  3 trips   to Child's Country ($13,500)  TO (15,000)
Food Hotels etc.. 45 days to 60 days ($4500)    to ($6,000)
Travel within the country                                                      ($600)                                                        
Children's passports (2)                                                                     ($1,000)
Birth Certificates      (2)                                                                       (400.00)
Health Exam/Medicals                                                                        (650.00)
Children's Visas  $325 each                                                                 (650.00)
USCIS fees second child $720.00                                                       
                                                              GRAND TOTAL:                 ($39,020.00)
                                                                              PLUS $9,380  DOSSIER PAID
                                                              $48,400 TO ADOPT TWO CHILDREN



Please pray for our family that we can raise these much needed funds to adopt both boys.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mardi Gras Fundraiser

Mardi Gras Fundraiser for Clyde and Ronald

Mardi Gras Beads New Orleans

Mardi Gras is an official public holiday in certain places in the United States and across the globe. It is an official state holiday in Louisiana, and Brazil also has made the Carnival celebration an official public holiday.  In the same way that Christmas Eve is a part of the entire Christmas holiday, Mardi Gras is a part of the Carnival celebration.

 Carnival refers to a multi-day season that commemorates the period before Lent, while Mardi Gras is a single Tuesday within that period.The two terms are typically used interchangeably, though they technically are separate entities.  Because they are two parts of the same whole, Mardi Gras celebrations tend to be very similar in nature to Carnival celebrations, featuring public gatherings with colorful costumes and the consumption of rich food and drink. The Carnival season, and Mardi Gras as part of it, is intended as a celebration to precede a period of self denial and fasting during Lent.After a brief hiatus from formal celebrations during the American Civil War, Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans were reinstated in 1867 with another themed parade from the Comus krewe. In 1871, a second krewe, the Twelfth Night Revelers, joined the festivities, helping to set in motion the trend of a large number of krewes organizing their own festivities during New Orleans' Mardi Gras. Many of the Mardi Gras traditions that are still in place were born during this late 19th century period.

The king cake is a traditional dessert associated with Mardi Gras or Carnival; the cake takes its name from the Bible story of the Three Kings, who met the baby Jesus in an event now commemorated with the celebration of Epiphany. According to the Manny Randazzo bakery in New Orleans, which has been making king cakes for Mardi Gras since 1965, the cake is a mix between an American coffee cake and a French pastry. These cakes may take different forms in different countries and can be round or ovoid in shape, typically with a hollow center, and, in the United States, are often decorated with white icing or glaze and colored decorations in the New Orleans' Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple.

  Our family is working hard to raise the funds to bring our boys home by selling Mardi Gras Beads.  We will be selling the beads in sets of 5 different colors for $10.00 and this includes shipping costs.  And with each set of beads you purchase you will be entered into a chance to win a MARDI GRAS CAKE shipped directly to you or a friend.  The more beads you purchase you will be entered into a chance to win.  Also you can either donate $20 and be given 5 chances to win you very own Mardi Gras Cake.  

Mardi Gras doubloons are large metallic coins with no real monetary value that are manufactured to be handed out during Mardi Gras parades and celebrations. The doubloon is one of the traditional 'throws' that are tossed to parade audiences and other revelers; other throws include beads and small trinkets
All beads will be shipped to you direct or to a friend of your choice.
Drawing for the Mardi Gras Cake will be  once all beads are sold.

Please with the purchase of every bead and donation we will be one step closer to bringing our boys home.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

USCIS,Homestudy & Unicorns



 Good news our Home Study is completed and all necessary criminal clearances and backgrounds check have been completed.  During this long wait we decide in adding in another child with Clyde so this means extra funds for our second little one. This means we will be working hard to bring both of the little ones home.

 From Elves to Unicorns.
See how precious this Unicorns are.
And this week we will be selling Personalized Unicorns for Valentine's Day. Colors will vary from Blue, White, Pink and Purple.
So please place your order early and donate direct to our pay pal link on our blog.

Once you donate send me a message to let us know what name you will like and where you wish us to send you one of these precious little Unicorns.

You can add a name or Initials to your precious Unicorn and  each is send with love.

Cost for each Unicorn is $20.00
Each Additional or Mutiple Unicorn is discounted $2.00 0ff the first Unicorn.

Additional addresses are $20.00 each.
You can add a name or Initials to your precious Unicorn and  each is send with love.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Delays*Bad news and Good news

Our family found out our this last month that we will not be able to adopt Clyde till the end of 2018.  This means we are presently updating all our paperwork for our Dossier.  Good news is our HS has been approved and the Hague Oversight approved and our HS is being reviewed by USCIS for his adoption. We are approved for two children and will wait to add another child on when our USCIS is completed and our Dossier is ready to ship.

With having to update the Dossier this means all new documents, more to be notarized and appostilled adding another $1,000 plus to our Dossier.  Today, we had an early Christmas present, a very  nice surprise to our son's fundraiser.  This donation could do have came at a better time.  God seems to be there always when we need him and we are forever grateful for his love and support.

Today is our little girl Katya Birthday and she turned 8 today and now a big girl.  Daily Katya says a prayer for her new little brother and we all are excited to get to go meet him this next winter.  Our family will wait as long as it takes to bring our little guy home.  He looks like a toot and with 16 grandsons and one granddaughter another little boy will be great to have join our family.  In January we will also become grandparents once more to a precious little grand daughter  Mileena.  Pictures will follow this next year.

Posting some bad News

Unfortunately we are unable to adopt Ronald.  Hard to explain in words at this moment.  My heart is torn.