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Father's Day

With everything happening I did not know what day it was. Whether it was Saturday or Sunday.  Sitting calculating funds and mark off the day till Wednesday. The day we find out about our children's passports.

Our Gotcha Day was rushed.  What was suppose to start with paperwork on a Monday went to Wednesday which caused us delays getting home. The system here is totally a mess. They deliver passports only one day a week to Donetsk.  Then they will be forwarded to Kiev.  Even expedited they are delayed.  A country of unexpected issues or problems.  Children lay dying when families are available.  Funds stand in the way even when a family saves for 5 years still they are short.  Without the love and support of others.
Being short of funds not just my biggest worries.  Children at home needing their mom.  A young boy who had been through so much anger and abuse.  Eleven years to work on.  Erasing the nightmares of prior medical procedures which caused major anxiety and out bursts.  T…
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Additional days to wait

As we prepared to leave this Friday only to find out children's passports not ready. 
This means extra funds we have to spend.  And having to stay longer means extra time off for Gary to care for kids.
Grayson has many emotional scars from his pass.  Alot of anxiety and anger built up inside him.  Quickly his mood changes.   He has issues slamming and breaking things.  One reasons why I do not post as I wish.
Through out his body major scars if abuse.  Many times he jerks and flinches when touched.  He is presently on meds to help control his anger and emotions.
Bringing him outside he tends to run off but thank God he turns back around.  A very rough last 2 weeks with him.  Presently we had to repair two glass panels on a door.  He picks up glass and them hides it for protection.  He fears hospital and the day he had his exam it was a major melt down.  Dealing with his anger has not been easy.  Once home we will reeval his meds and seek therapy for him.  We've been translatin…

Grayson and Sophia passport photos and new birth certificates

Delays and worries


I just found the time to write about our Gotcha Day.
 The morning was filled with many tears and hugs from orphanage caregivers.  The Dr who cared for our two children I wished we could have adopted and brought home.  A tiny petite lady whom I dearly grew to love.  She taught both children love and kindness.  Daily she provided their meds, medical care etc.  Instructed Grayson how to take his meds and become a young man.

Once out of the orphanage the walk to our van not once did they turn back. Slowly waving to the Dr we drove away.  The trip started about 8:30 am and we drove to passport office.  A 4 hour drive over bump roads.  Then we filed documents and headed to Kiev.  Then another 12 hours. Stopping a few times for restroom, meds and food. We finally arrived in Kiev.  It was rainy, apartment we had arranged we could not find.  Plan 2 head to another apartment till Saturday then move once more. 

So far I've spent over $1500 in trains & drivers.  We still have a…

One day closer to coming home

After arriving in Kiev we went right to bed.  Between moving quickly from one plane to another then a 30 minute ride to our hotel.
With the time difference we had to rest once arriving.  Being up over 26 hours we were exhausted.

Prior to leaving the US I had to visit my doctor.  Not any good news to share.  Only some complications had arrised.  Staying with Jake a week at the hospital and him checking out the day prior I had to have another check up myself.  Unfortunately my cancer has spread.  Problems now with blood pressure, thyroid disease and diabetes. Being placed on news meds prior to travel is not working out to well.
It was awful arriving in Kiev sitting in a wheel chair.  Niko met us and drove us to get Greyson's birth records.  It was a 4 hour drive there n back
  We waited 3 hours to have it printed.

The Sea

We are now in our children's city close to the sea.  A 8 hour express train ride and another 5 hours by car.  Today the kids decided to swim between the many hours of chasing paperwork. Me I slept and soak in a little sun.