Bringing our son home

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Today we found out Clyde is not available to adopt.  The pass year I have waited and prayed for little Clyde.  And today we have lost him into the system.  We will not be there for his birthday now will we be able to give him his presents we brought him.  I am broken hearted and torn apart inside.   AS if we lost our own child.  I know he was only ours in dreams but our dream to love and cherish him.  God has his plans for us and unfortunately adopting little Clyde was not in his plans.  I viewed him as a baby into a little boy.  Years passed by and he waited and waited for a family.  I wished we had only traveled when he was younger and adopted him.

 Thanking our Lord that Nolan is available and we are able to move forward in adopting him. So please keep Nolan in your prayers as we wait for a travel date.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Baby photo of Clyde


A few years ago I came across the photo of this little one.  
Clyde is not his give name but a name given to him off of Reece's Rainbow four years ago. 
Since then Clyde has been waiting for a home and will be soon be turning 5 years old.
This year for his 5th birthday he will get the best present ever.
Little Clyde will have a family who will love and cherish him.
If all goes as planned we will be meeting Clyde on his 5th birthday.
Our plans are to bring him presents for each year of his little life.
We have chosen a new name for him and this we will announce once we have court.
During court we pray we will be allowed to become his parents.
And if all goes well we can travel back to pick him up and bring him home.
This will be our little Christmas man :O)))
So much to do in the next three months till we meet him.
Till then we wait and wait.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

UPdate A donation of $10

Thank you who ever donated the $10 to our boys today :O))) It is days where we are blessed it brings us a little closer to our boys.  Still no updates on either boy and probably will not hear anything till we travel.  Good news my cat Olfa is feeing much better but our pockets are minus many dollars we have been placing back for our trip.  Again asking for prayers during this time.  Soon we will be counting down the days to travel.

I am so looking forward to meeting the boys but knowing I will be away from our children at home is hard.  I miss them even when I go to the grocery store.  Each trip I take turns bringing one or two at a time.  With flu season we do not get Jake out much.  Trying to keep him healthy and add some extra weight on him. Cystic Fibrosis affects the digestive tract and with Chronn's disease it makes gaining weight very difficult.

I have Pocket Pillow Cases and Hairbows for sale, but no luck in selling these.  I am afraid I am not a sales person at all.  If all fails I know what all the kids are getting at Christmas time. :O))

SO far I have been thinking of things I can bring when we visit the boys.  Puzzles, markers, color books, match box cars.  With adopting girls the same trip it will be a change meeting boys. :O)))
I will update as things occur during this wait.. Again remember to pray and also donate to little Dolly's Adoption Fund also... God bless

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dolly~God's Little Angel On Earth

This pass year many ups and downs, especially with funds.  I decide that instead of worrying about raising the funds for our boys I wanted to help a friend instead.

There is a little girl I had my heart in love with little Dolly.  Little Dolly is so much like our girls Chrissie and Penelope.  And such a beautiful smile.

One day I was checking children out available for adoption and little Dolly kept coming through my mind.  I saw where someone was inquiring about her and telling me she did massage therapy.  And did wonders for children needing Physical Therapy.  After we chatted for a few hours I fell in love with this person and knew she loved Dolly as her daughter.  Through the pass several months she has sold many items to submit her dossier and one of them was her wedding dress.  I wished I had the funds where I could have purchased it and then sent it back to her after the adoption had been completed.  When adopting families do what they can to bring in funds.  And sometimes it takes selling the things you love the most to save a child.  As our conversation went from minutes into hours I learned how much a person can love a child that they actually never met.  You begin to vision the child in your arms and soon in your heart.  Just who could not love this precious little girl.   Dolly will be turning 10 this month, not exactly sure of the date.  For ten years she waited for a momma and a poppa. And this year she will have one of the best Mommas and a Poppa any girl would cherish to have. In a few weeks the family that is wishing to adopt Dolly will be traveling and need the funds.  There is fees that need to be paid immediately.  An Family Sponsor Page on Reeces Rainbow has been set up for Dolly. Please click on this link and it will bring you directly to Dolly's family.    Currently there is barely enough to cover airline tickets and there is still so many other fees involved.  But with your help and if you share their journey you can help in bringing Dolly home.   At this moment every dollar matters, all prayers matter and this little girl matters.  She is in  another mother's heart as well as my own.   I want to advocate for both Dolly but also Christinna the wonderful woman who is working so hard to bring Dolly home.

Both Christianna and our family will be traveling during the Christmas Holidays.  This means both families will be away from their own families to bring home children who would not have a family during Christmas.  My Christmas wish is that everyone who reads my blog help get this family the funds they need for her to come home. In Jesus name I pray for everyone to share and pray for this precious little girl Dolly.

No words

There are just some days where there are no words that can  take away from pain and heart ache.
This pass week we were robbed, our precious cat got ill, once again funds lost.  Still we are blessed.  A neighbor is killed by two young man breaking into a neighbors car, a man loses his girlfriend and his unborn son a day before his child is delivered.  My friend's baby girl has open heart surgery and she waits outside the recovery room, a baby boy takes his last breathe and my son struggles to live another day.

Very hard to understand why bad things happen to good people and little children.  A 14 year old girl with a headache dies within three days of being diagnose with a rare form of cancer.  Her mother struggles to understand why her daughter had to be chosen to earn her wings.  So much potential, and such a beautiful young woman with the kindest heart.  Today I watched as my 5 year old daughter looks into a mirror and then ask if her doctor is fixing her back so she can walk.  She combs back her baby fine hair and smiles as I place in hairbows.  Her world is of a child of innocence and no worries.  Sunday I wanted to just stay in bed after I had rushed my cat to the emergency hospital for pets.  To some just a cat but to me part of my future and my pass.  My cat Olaf was there as I cried when my daughter Gennie died.  My three year old baby girl died in my arms.  One of the worse days in my life.  An innocence little girl that was born with Cystic Fibrosis and struggled daily to breathe. No life may not seem fair, even for the very young..

With this current adoption, we committed on July 26th to a little three year old boy.  A few months later we learned he could not be adopted till age 5 years.  Diagnose with HIV and Down Syndrome.  Living in an orphanage in a country where every day rolls into one another.  Birthdays have passed and another one on it's way as he turns five.  He will become available to adopt internationally but in his country he waits.  He one visits, he watches as his friends are adopted.  At age 5 years his birthday will involved being moved into an adult setting where he will remain till he ages out or if lucky a family will decide to adopt him.  Little boys are usually the last to be chosen and still HIV is a disease where people hold hate.  Many people do not understand the many advancements of treatments.  At an early age and being placed on medication he can live a normal life.

Much of our funds have been used on our Dossier preparation.  Having to update document after document and clearance after clearance funds have slowly been used.  Adoption is costly but a child's life there is no fund to great to save a life.  I have just began to fundraise several things but so far no luck.  Not giving up, just budgeting and praying every day to get the funds we need.  We have been blessed our children have a grant each which will help but we will still be short of what we need.  Placing our needs in the hands of our Lord and his guidance we will bring our boys home.

The older young man we are adopting turned 14 years old, he will age out in 2 years.  He has had a rough life as a child.  And he waits for his family and praying we are his family.  This will be our first older child adoption.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to have spoke to his host mother.  She truly loved Nolan and they wanted to adopt him.  Unfortunately they were not able to continue with his adoption.  Once home I want him to be able to call her and her family.  I hope he will love us as much as he loved his host family and host mother.  I am not sure exactly what I will say on our first visit.  For we missed 14 years of his life and in 4 years he will be turning in a young man.  With a family we will be there when he needs additional guidance bur most of all a family.  A family who will love him and we pray we can have him built trust in us and accept us as his parents.

Travel date... WE should hear something in November of a travel date for December.  WE will be spending another Christmas away from our children.  Very hard being away, but there will be future holidays and family time to spend together.  This week even with everything that has went on inside I am thankful for all.  Thankful our family, thankful for our home, thankful for my friends and very thankful we are blessed to get to meet these two precious boys.  I know God has a plan for us, a journey in getting to two boys during the most special time of the year.  On our Lord's birthdate we will be once again blessed with such beautiful children to cherish and love..  No words of how I feel inside tonight but Love...