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Let's get started

Recently we have been gathering up documents for our Home study.  So much running around to collect documents that will be compiled to create our family's life.  A home study consists of many documents that will be used to determine if our family is prepared to adopt another child.  Going through a check off list that our social worker has.  One by one, document are gathered.  Many people ask why so much paperwork involved in an adoption.  Especially an adoption that will take place in another country. 

Each piece of paperwork serves a purpose.  First of all we have to be criminal cleared, cleared for child abuse and also the FBI.  With the FBI there are more finger prints and a search pass background to see if any criminal history or if there is a rap sheet.  Both Gary and I through our lives knew that each and everything we did matter.  We both serve our Lord in following his word and doing that both of us do what is right.

So far we have been cleared with all necessary clearanc…