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44 Days and USCIS

Today marks 44 days since USCIS has had our Home~study.   We learned this week we have been assigned and Field Officer and hope to hear something very shortly on our I 600A.   I was told within a week a family usually hear whether or not they are approved to adopt. Each night I keep this little boy in my prayers and hope we are able to become his parents. This little guy needs a family and please I ask you pray for him and the many other children who need families.  Hard to turn away knowing that these little ones depend on us to give help provide them with a family and a home.

The last couple of weeks I have not been on due to children's medical here at home and my grandchildren being ill.  Today was one of those days with medical and today I just dreaded this one Doctor visit. 

Our son Jake has began Remicade Infusions for his Chronn's Disease.  Shortly after committing to Clyde we found out Jake's digestive system has gotten worse.  If Jake would not have been adopted 5 …