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USCIS,Homestudy & Unicorns


Good news our Home Study is completed and all necessary criminal clearances and backgrounds check have been completed.  During this long wait we decide in adding in another child with Clyde so this means extra funds for our second little one. This means we will be working hard to bring both of the little ones home.

 From Elves to Unicorns.
See how precious this Unicorns are.
And this week we will be selling Personalized Unicorns for Valentine's Day. Colors will vary from Blue, White, Pink and Purple.
So please place your order early and donate direct to our pay pal link on our blog.

Once you donate send me a message to let us know what name you will like and where you wish us to send you one of these precious little Unicorns.

You can add a name or Initials to your precious Unicorn and  each is send with love.

Cost for each Unicorn is $20.00
Each Additional or Mutiple Unicorn is discounted $2.00 0ff the first Unicorn.

Additional addresses are $20…