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Delays*Bad news and Good news

Our family found out our this last month that we will not be able to adopt Clyde till the end of 2018.  This means we are presently updating all our paperwork for our Dossier.  Good news is our HS has been approved and the Hague Oversight approved and our HS is being reviewed by USCIS for his adoption. We are approved for two children and will wait to add another child on when our USCIS is completed and our Dossier is ready to ship.

With having to update the Dossier this means all new documents, more to be notarized and appostilled adding another $1,000 plus to our Dossier.  Today, we had an early Christmas present, a very  nice surprise to our son's fundraiser.  This donation could do have came at a better time.  God seems to be there always when we need him and we are forever grateful for his love and support.

Today is our little girl Katya Birthday and she turned 8 today and now a big girl.  Daily Katya says a prayer for her new little brother and we all are excited to get to g…