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Be the first to donate

Currently Clyde has ZERO in his fundraising account.  Please be the first to donate to our son's adoption account.   You can directly donate to his paypal account which is set up to pay for his airline tickets, legal fees, medical exam, Visa.  This little boy needs out and needs everyone's help. Please donate and share his adoption journey with others, so we can raise these much needed funds.  God Bless and Thank you.


Going done our check list.
All clearances are complete, medicals done and our home study is almost ready.
Next we file for Immigrations approval and our Dossier will be submitted to The Adoption Center.

NOW the next step is raising the funds to bring our son home.
You can immediately donate through our Paypal account  so we can receive the funds to prepare to travel.
Through Paypal you can use your credit card and our family can receive it as a donation for Clyde.

Adoption is not cheap nor is the price of the love of a child.  Little Clyde has been waiting for  4 long years.
And this next year our family will be traveling to meet with him at his orphanage.

The cost of Clyde's  will be close to $28,000 and our family will need to travel three trips.
This means 3 sets of airline tickets, lodging, in country fees.
All prior adoption costs  have added up to over $6,000 have been paid for through our savings.
Now our family needs to raise the much needed funds to p…