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Happy Late Thanksgivings

With Christmas approaching us quickly and the New Year around the corner a few quick updates.  Presently we are waiting to submit our HS to US Immigration's and then we wait for finger prints. Still we are working on bringing in the funds that will help assist our family in bringing little Clyde home. Shortly I will attach a break down of what the costs are involved in adopting little Clyde.  Please pray for little Clyde  as we travel this journey in bringing him home.

Fundraising for Clyde

This pass couple of months we had been unable to fund raise  for Clyde due to the death of our precious Melinda.  We will be posting fundraisers to bring in the funds we need for Clyde's Adoption.  Our family has
completed all necessary paperwork and documents to bring him home.  His documents are in his country and now we wait and raise the much needed funds.

Bringing Clyde Home Holiday Fundraiser

Help us get some elves adopted


Adopt an orphan Elf Shipping is included and the cost per elf is $15 Names are included for free. All elves sent with love . 
Donate to our Paypal  direct.
All elves will be shipped at the end of November.

Where to start

For the pass months I have not stop to write due to finding out Clyde will not be available till Fall of 2018.  All our clearances and our Home Study is completed, waiting on our USCIS approval to submit.  Even with all documents submitted we can not travel for our little guy till Fall.  We could find another child and travel sooner but this is not an option we wish to take.  Our hearts our for Clyde so we will count the months to travel to bring our son home.

When I first saw photos of Clyde we knew in our hearts he is our son and we must climb what ever mountains to bring him home.  This means this summer we will need to update all our documents and this will also put a dent in our funds to travel with.  Adoption is costly and the price of a child no dollar amount can be to much.  So during this next year we will rock by rock, pebble by pebble move a mountain.  If my heart could provide the funds then we would be fully funded, but a heart a lone is not enough to provide what is need…