Bringing our son home

Monday, April 23, 2018

USCIS approval and updates

Currently we are gathering up our documents once again times two.
So two sets of everything means double the funds again.  Heart breaking to start from the beginning with documents.  But we are steps ahead with our Home study and our USCIS approval.  The USCIS approval is the most important document needed in our Dossier.

This has been a very difficult week, yet another little girl passes away yesterday.  My heart cries out again for the parents and family.  After the first little girl and now another it breaks one's heart.  On the 25th of April it
will be now 5 years since the death of our daughter Gennie~beane.  I wished I could hold her once again in my arms.  I tell all the children about Gennie and how precious she was.  Katya ask me each night about Gennie and if she is there still in Heaven.  Hard to explain to a child that children do die with out scaring them.  Jake Gennie's biological brother also has Cystic Fibrosis and his health has had many difficulties over the pass years.  Having a child with an illness or disability is a life time commitment.  No days off for either parent.  It is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job.. Do not get me wrong I love my children but it is very hard work, scheduling medical appointments, keeping log of meds and therapy through out the day..  Believe me our family has been truly blessed to be able to parent each of these precious little ones.  Even when they throw fits and Jake destroys his room as we sleep.  There  are so many days when we receive the best of hugs and kisses.  Endless artwork work to hang on our refrigerator and small handmade gifts.  I look forward again in being able to parent the newest little members to our family.  Time is passing us by quickly and we still are in bug needs of funds for the Ellie and the remainder funds for Clyde.  Such a mountain to move in such little time left.  It will be closer to fall when we travel due to both children's ages.  Both children have to be age five when adopted due to their country's law.

Daily our family looks at their photos and prepare for their arrival into our family.  Our family has missed 4 years of birthdays and  years of holidays.  So shortly after their 5th Birthday we will be able to celebrate their 5th Birthday in their new family.  A new beginning to both children's lives.  Please during our wait, please say a prayer for both children.  Pray that they both stay healthy and we raise the much needed funds to adopt.
God bless

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Picking of the pieces

Today we spent picking up the pieces after a tornado.  Our family was lucky we all survived this storm, a few toys outside blow away a swing set destroyed and limbs every where.  These things can be replaced little by little.  Limbs can be cut up to be carried away on trash day.

The day before the storm by daughter took in 3 cats and 17 kittens abandoned. if they had remained out in this storm they would have all died.  Over the weekend two of the runt kittens  earn their wings .  And during this storm a little girl Carly earned her wings also.
Sweet little Carly earned her little wings Saturday Morning.  Please say a prayer for her family. 

What does a child leave with when they are adopted?

When it is time to pick up your child from an orphan many of you ask what do they leave with?
In many cases a child leaves and there is not even underwear.  Everything is shared, even their underwear.
Your child is taken privately to a room and dressed to leave.  Many times their clothing is removed and quickly dressed to cover bruises and scars.

These little underwear are the first article of clothing added into a piece of luggage for Clyde.  These will be his very only underwear.  He will not have to share them with anyone.  This will be the very first item he will own.   Sad to say  that this was his life, he had nothing of his own.  Nothing to call his own.. No family, no siblings, no Poppa or Mama, a grandparent or aunts or uncles. Clyde spend his day surrounded by other orphans. Some days it was staring out the window of the orphanage wondering what was on the other side.  Living with in gates for the pass 4 years of his small life.  No one called him son, or maybe told him he was loved.  It is hard to accept that a child as cute as him waits.  He is not the only one, there are thousands of children.  Many of them from birth wait and wait..

The last several years of my life I learned how fragile can be. Our city had a tornado go through.

Many homes were destroyed and a little two year old girl died.  Life is fragile and precious..  And at anytime a person, a child anything can happen and make your life turn upside down.  Fair~ no it is not fair this is life.
So these small Mickey Mouse panties will be worn one day.  He will run around in them and jump high in them.. He will look up and have aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, a Dad, A Mom, some dogs and some cats.  He will be loved, he will be cherished, he will not do without food or having some one to tell him he is loved.  Across the seas he waits, and also little Ellie.  Both children are 4 and will be 5 when we officially adopt them.

Adding on a second child means additional funds are needed.  These funds are to pay for a notary, documents, attorneys, visas and medical.. The list goes on and on.  Many of you think that adopting a child should be free, but it is not.  Every dollar matters and every dollar is appreciated.  The cost of adding Ellie to our adoption is right at $15,000.  This we will have to raise on top of what is needed for Clyde.  This is alot to raise in a matter of months.  Having to redo an entire dossier will cost us thousands and having to use our savings to redo.  It will be double to dossier again, so I ask that you please pray for us in these much needed funds.  God moves mountains daily and I know he is kind and he will guide us in obtaining what these little ones need.  

Some of you know us from prior adoptions, all our children are special needs children.  One of our children Jake is terminal with Cystic Fibrosis.  Jake's youngest sister died from Cystic Fibrosis complications.  Jake was luckily he survive and Jake has fought this battle for 10 years.   People may think we are crazy but these children need family..  Our family is not perfect by all means, nor are we in funds but we have been blessed by the love of these precious children.

I am a big advocate on adoption.  My husband Gary and I adopted 7 children from Bulgaria and Ukraine.  each is unique and one of a kind.  There is no other child like another.  One like pretzels and the other prefers chips one like chocolate milk and the other likes juice... My kids are not perfect, they make messes, talk loud and rather eat pizza than steak..

I am not a blogger by all means, I can not remember off the top of my head bible verses any more.  The last several years of my life I an not tell you when I watched TV without it being a cartoon.  This is my life and how I love to live it.

There is several months before we travel and between this time we have to raise these funds.  Each night I pray to our Lord for guidance for our adoption and also for our children  both at home and in orphanages.  Daily I think if they are both okay and if they are well.  Medical are is not like we have here in the U.S.  Many children die within the first 5 years.  After the 5th year both our children will be moved out of the baby houses an into adult institutional settings.  All hope for them being adopted are very slim.  There are many children with the same illnesses waiting and many not receiving medical care.  Again please I ask for your prayers and for you to help advocate for both Ellie and Clyde..

Friday, April 13, 2018

USCIS Received :O)))

Today our Golden Ticket arrived in the mail.  This means we are approved to travel to adopt our children. Now all we do is wait for a travel date...
This is the ticket we been waiting for :O)

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Currently we are needing to raise the necessary funds for our first trip.
These funds will be used for airline, in country travel and lodgings.
Our family has saved the necessary legal funds and now needs the funds for the first trip to travel..
Believe me every Dollar matters and is appreciated.

Both of these children are currently four years old and have a disability.  Once they reach age five they will be moved to an adult institution.  And this will make it very difficult for either child to be adopted. with their disability they need the necessary meds to continue to live.  So our family is fighting hard to raise the funds to bring both children home.

You can donate directly to on our Pay pal link or through Reeces Rainbow by check. 

Checks should be made payable to and mailed to:
Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 146
Combined Locks, WI 54113
In care of the Davis Family for Ellie and Clyde

Or you can visit   and donate through their link for our family's Family Sponsor page.  All donations are tax deductible for the year 2018.  You donation is greatly appreciated...

Look at their little faces, they are two precious children waiting for a family to love them both.

A few of Ellie's friends at Easter 2018elli



A few more of Ellie

A few photos of our Ellie

Sunday, April 1, 2018



Good Friday :O)))



waiting for a date

Shortly we will be receiving a date to travel and hoping for a date shortly after Christmas. Keep Nolan and our little Miss in your prayers...