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Recently we have been gathering up documents for our Home study.  So much running around to collect documents that will be compiled to create our family's life.  A home study consists of many documents that will be used to determine if our family is prepared to adopt another child.  Going through a check off list that our social worker has.  One by one, document are gathered.  Many people ask why so much paperwork involved in an adoption.  Especially an adoption that will take place in another country. 

Each piece of paperwork serves a purpose.  First of all we have to be criminal cleared, cleared for child abuse and also the FBI.  With the FBI there are more finger prints and a search pass background to see if any criminal history or if there is a rap sheet.  Both Gary and I through our lives knew that each and everything we did matter.  We both serve our Lord in following his word and doing that both of us do what is right.

So far we have been cleared with all necessary clearances.  Last and final document is our FBI clearance.  With all prior adoptions we had to be fingerprinted.  And with the FBI we had to do two sets of finger prints.  As we filled out the paperwork it seemed like only yesterday we were working on documents and being printed.  This time we did our prints at a different location in Shreveport.  Being that I never had a criminal history standing there with a person holding your hand moving my fingers back and forward.  Making sure no smuggles or the prints will be rejected and this means delays and having to redo prints.  As she rolled one finger at a time I was told to relax.  Hard to relax knowing that if one wrong move these fingers could be rejected.  One small smuggle could mean months of delays. Especially when we want to bring our son home.

Clyde needs to come home, he needs a family.  I want his next birthday here with us.  He will be then be turning 5 years old.  And at five years he will be transferred  into an adult setting and live there for the remainder of his life.  Being adopted after age 5 years is almost impossible.  Especially since most people want cute, healthy young babies.  Mainly healthy little girls.  Bless little Clyde he has so many things that have kept him from being adopted.  His health needs are minor here in the United States but in his country meds alone are hard to obtain.  Many little ones die before age 5 years.

Clyde is the given to him by Reeces Rainbow.   His given birth name is kept in confidence for legal reasons.
Once he is adopted Clyde will be given a new start and a new name. 
 You ask why we chose animal crackers as a symbol for our adoption.  One I loved animal crackers as a child.  My mother during every shopping trip would purchase us each a box of animal crackers.  Something as simple as a animal cracker brought smiles to each of us children.  I grew up in a large family.  Money was tight.  I watched as my mother shopped and placed in items and added them up.  Much like our adoption each document adds up.  Friday our finger prints added up to $80.00.  Then next we have to ship them to get cleared by the FBI another $140 and then there is the shipping costs to get them there.  So dollar by dollar it all adds up.  Weekly I place aside 10% or more towards our adoption, 10 % tidings, 10 % savings and so on.

Most people wonder why since we have children why add in another.  It is not that simple trying to get someone to understand these children need homes.  I was told and ask why?  And why this one child.  Why chose him when there are children in the US needing homes.  In foster care the goal is reunification.  Reunification is the goal in foster and also in Clyde's country being they also try and find family members to adopt him.  Clyde has been in an orphanage now 4 years.  First delivered then off into an orphanage.  The only thing Clyde knows is that he has no mother or father.  No one comes to visit him.  NO~ONE.  Since he was born he has shared everything.  He has no personal clothes, shoes and toys.  During his birthday it is just another day for him.  Some orphanages are ran differently than others and some are able to provide the little extras and some not so fornuate.

This week we are being to start raising the ransom for our son to be.  We will be sharing our journey step by step.  During the last phase I will have our adoption blog done where we can share addition photos.   So please visit us often and share our fundraisers.  Currently Clyde has ZERO in his account and we will be needing to raise the funds to bring him home.  I ask each of you for prayers for our family and also ask you to share our fundraisers to bring these funds in .

God bless everyone who prays for us and God bless those who do not.  Please I ask that you share adoption with others.  Help in bringing these orphan children to families and families to these precious little ones. God Bless... Denise


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