Bringing our son home

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fundraising for Clyde

This pass couple of months we had been unable to fund raise  for Clyde due to the death of our precious Melinda.  We will be posting fundraisers to bring in the funds we need for Clyde's Adoption.  Our family has
completed all necessary paperwork and documents to bring him home.  His documents are in his country and now we wait and raise the much needed funds.
Clyde is turning 4 years old this next month and we would love if you can purchase a few of the things on our blog to benefit his Adoption.  All proceeds will be going towards his adoption for his medial exam, passport, visa and adoption expenses involved in his adoption.  Please help us during this time to bring in the funds to bring our son home. Thank~you  and God bless

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