Bringing our son home

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


What a day, after a long night drive to get our fingerprints done.   And six hours in a car with your hubby gives you plenty of time to catch up talking about things that we need to be completed before we travel.  We had stopped for a while to get some diner and as we went to check out the man sitting behind us had paid for our dinner.  The odd thing he never said anything to us, he only kept waving at Jake and smiling.  Jake is JAKE, you don't even have to know him without falling in love with him.  Jake is non-verbal but always smiling and giggling.  Our family is so proud of Jake he is a fighter.  Jake 5 years ago weighed under 15 pounds at age 5 and a half years.  Now barely weighting 48 pounds and turning 10 march 1st.  A child we were told would died within six months after adopting sits smiling and laughing.  Daily he struggles with his Cystic Fibrosis.  Jake's major issues are his digestive system where he can not absorb the nutrients he needs.  So daily he takes over 20 meds to kept his body functioning.  This little guy is our light and such a blessing to have.  We adopted Jake and his younger sister Gennie`beanie.  Our little Gennie died shortly after she came home from CF complications of organ failure.  Hard knowing Jake will never get to know his little sister and losing her was the hardest thing our family has ever went through.  Knowing there was nothing we could have done to save her.  But being able to bring Gennie into our family brought so much love.   And on March 26th it will be 5 years and my heart stills misses her. :'O(

With our navigational system going crazy and getting us lost so we decided just to get our phones out only to find our hotel was just minutes away.  After an hour of driving around in circles in the rain we finally made it to our hotel around 12 midnight.  It felt like we had just laid done only to have to get up at 6 am to make it to our appointment.   Thanking our LORD  for safely getting us to our appointment and also on  a beautiful day.

As we waited it was the same person that scanned us the two previous adoptions.  Amazing how time flies by so quickly.   I guess we should be use to getting our fingerprints by now.   But knowing this prints mean the difference of whether a family is approved.   So dry hands or cuts can cause a person to be reprinted and this means travel back.  Today we used this time planning our trip and also finding ways to save and raise the funds we need to travel.  Our hopes are to add on another child while in Ukraine.  This means double to fees and double the worries.. SO PLEASE PRAY FOR US DURING OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY AND THE MANY HOMELESS AND ORPHAN CHILDREN...

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog through Reese’s Rainbow, I had been/am praying for sweet Ronald. I wondered if you’d mind emailing me more info on his situation? It seems since I started praying for him two prospective families have tried to adopt but it never works out, I know literally nothing about adoption but want to learn. I wondered if it was his case in particular or is it his medical status? I’m sorry if I sound prying but I was hoping to know if it was out of your hands or a difficult decision your family had to make? Thank you so much for your time :) Praying for your adoption journey, your family sounds absolutely amazing :)


waiting for a date

Shortly we will be receiving a date to travel and hoping for a date shortly after Christmas. Keep Nolan and our little Miss in your prayers...