Help us bring our son home

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Check Clyde's journey daily as we add in new photos and information.

Shortly we will be blogging about Clyde's adoption journey
and we would love that you follow the journey
in bringing him home.

Currently we can not share where our Clyde is
but we will be able to share special
events and updated information.

Currently we are in the paperwork stage.
During this time we are compiling paperwork
to submit to his government.
We are everyone for our support  & prayers during this time.
Please share our adoption link below:
Your donation is tax deductable.

This will help us raise the necessary funds to help assist us
in bringing this little fellow home.

You can also send a check directly to Reece's Rainbow
in care of Davis Family-11 for Clyde.
Check are given at 100%.
Checks should be made payable to and mailed to:
Reece’s Rainbow PO Box 146 Combined Locks, WI 54113

Please remember at age 5 years Clyde will be transferred
into an adult setting and he will remain till he becomes an adult.
It is very important we move quickly to raise these funds
and travel before he is transferred.

Again share our link: 

And God bless each of you that prays and donates.

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