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Every Child's Life Matters

On the 25th of April as the 5th Anniversary of our little Gennie~beane earning her wings.  Many days I think of what she would have been like as she grew up.  Today she would have probably spent the day outside on this beautiful Sunday.  Gennie loved dresses and would have dressed herself in the most filly of all her dresses.  She did not like getting dirty and hated her shoes to get wet.  She loved to pretend to be a princess and she loved cotton candy.In the afternoon she would wait by the window watching for her daddy to come home. Most of her days we spent coloring in her color book and practicing writing her name over and over.  Gennie loved to draw flowers and kittens.  She loved her kitty and she loved to ride in her pink wagon down the street to visit her little friends.. Everyone called her beane since her favorite food was beans.  At breakfast time she wanted beans and for dinner beans.  This little girl was a toot and a little drama girl.. Most little girls her age loved to be the center of attention and loved to be held.   Everyone loved Gennie and her smile and giggle would brighten the worse darken day.  Turning a storm sky into a sky of rainbows.  Her little life matter and each moment we shared with her was such a blessing to have known her.  I miss my little girl and each day I share her memory with the other children just how precious she is.  Knowing that one day we will be able to be together again bring hope to my heart for I miss holding her. Cystic Fibrosis robbed her of many years here on earth, it robbed her of her child hood.  Much of her time she dealt with stomach issues and her lungs made it difficult for her to breath some days.  This pass month many of my friends lost their children.  Each of these children like our Gennie had a major special need.  Some with Down Syndrome,  Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer and Heart Conditions.  Hard to accept a child has to be born with an illness and then fight to live or even breath.  Why an innocent child be born to suffer and then fight each day with hope.  Through the short time we had Gennie my heart grew to understand that these children need love more than ever.  Could you imagine being an orphan and have an illness?  Be alone and no one to love you?  Even though you have a caregiver this does not replace a family, a mother to hold you a father to tell you her loves you, grandparents to spoil you and siblings to play with you.  Gennie will forever be our baby girl and will forever be 3 years old.  Just a baby who died way to soon.  So many days now have passed us by and so many days remain ahead till I hold my baby girl again.  God has blessed us after her passing with two more little girls Penelope~Poppy and Katerina~Katya.  Both girls are so different than Gennie, Katya loves trucks, dinosaurs and horses.  Katya is very active and loves mud and loves to play in dirt.  Poppy is a very small little girl with Spina Bifida.  She is the size of a 2 year old at age 5 1/2 wearing 18 month to 24 month clothes.  She loves makeup and also loves to eat everything.  Our family  has been truly blessed with such sweet children.  Praying that the time will pass by quickly so we can bring home the next two newest family members.  They will also be blessed with a loving family who will cherish and love them like we did our Gennie~beane.  Every child needs a family and evry little child life matters.. I am a big advocate for adoption and for helping these little ones who are left behind in orphanage. My prayers are that everyone think of the two little other Ellie and Clyde as they wait for us to bring them both home.  Please pray for them and also the much needed funds to bring them home.  Having to update documents and need the funds for Ellie's fees.  God knows our needs for these two and each night I pray to bring in the much needed funds. If possible please if you are able to adopt or can help advocate please do so.. These children need each of our love and support... God bless......


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