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Life is full of Broken Cookies

An elderly lady came to a grocery shop searching for 
cookies for her tea party.  
There was a man stocking cookies on the shelves.
 The lady waiting shouted out loudly,, 
"Each of these boxes of cookies are broken."
 I can not take these.  
How can you sell broken cookies?  
As she explained to the man 
I need to speak to the manager now.  
Shortly the store manager arrived to calm down the lady.  
She blurted out,
"How can I purchased these cookies they are all broken?" 
Just what would my friends think?"  
As the store manager explained to the lady
 these cookies may be broken but they are good. 
Still this lady demanded the manager 
remove all these broken cookies 
and discard them to the trash.  No one will purchase these cookies, no one..
As the manager turned to the lady and then to the man 
stocking the shelves that he remove each box of broken cookies.
The man stocking the shelf shook his head
 and then replace each box with boxes that are not broken. 
And then placed them all aside in a neat stack.

With all the boxes perfect on the shelves 
the lady began her search  all the new boxes.
For several minutes she search for the perfect box to serve her friends.  
Once the box was found and in her hand 
she walked away in smiles. 
Inside she knew her friends would be as happy as she was now.
All now everything is perfect. 

A few  minutes later another elderly lady walked in
and saw the large stack of broken cookies.
 Quickly she loaded her buggy full.
One by one she carefully placed each box 
in her buggy and headed to be checked out.

While waiting to be checked out 
both elderly ladies stood side by side.  
The lady with the one box of perfect cookies 
and the other lady with a buggy 
full of broken cookies.
The first lady began to laugh under her breath. 
She said, you know those cookies you are buying are not perfect. 
And fairly soon you will find out when you 
each of box you open will not find one perfect cookie. 
Still the second lady placed her cookies on the counter
and looked away.
Being frustrated and confused the first lady 
yelled out once again.  
You know each cookie will be broken.
And do you hear what I am trying to tell you?
Knowing this first lady knew nothing but perfect in life. 
In her mind a cookie matter and what others thought.
Still with frustration she quickly  
grab several of the boxes.
One by one she ripped open each box to prove her point.
SEE if you look inside each box they are all
full of broken cookies.
Not one perfect cookie to be found. 
I was right they are all damaged and no good.

Still the second lady laid each broken up box 
on the counter to be checked out.
As the first lady watched and still wondering why?
Why are you purchasing all these cookies?
Why when you no they are not perfect???
It made this first lady express even more anger.
Just why purchase these when the man stocking shelves
just placed out the perfect cookie?

To keep the peace as people gathering round the second lady replied. 
Each week I come in and purchase a buggy full of cookies 
and not once did I ever open a box.
Not once did I stop to look or notice 
that any of these cookies were broken,
nor did I think them as different.
Not once did I think of what others thought of what I offered them.
The first lady then had to ask 
what would you friend's think of you
serving broken cookies to them?

She replied:

In life I learned who my true friends are.
But I also learned through my years, 
Life is full of broken cookies... 
Many people seem to think when something 
is not perfect it is not good. 
I gave my cookies from my heart and I learn in life many things.
I learn what may be perfect for one is not as important to others.
 Sometimes even the  broken, the lonely and the orphan 
is sometimes overlooked.
And yet they are perfect in my eyes..
Sad but true many disable children are over looked, 
not wanted, hidden or placed away..
 Life is Full of Broken cookies 

Denise Peddington Davis



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