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Trees and cars do not mix

 With every adoption we/I seem to have the worse luck. :'O(

After a long day at the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic I decided to spend the remainder of the day cleaning out my car.  After four long hours  I had it sparkling and walked away proud of how my car looked.  Normally I usually work cleaning inside but today the kids and I decided to spend sometime outside.

Later that evening and a very loud cracking sound one of our tree's biggest branches decided to break loose.

Today we find out our car is a total lost.  Hard to understand just why things like this has got to happen. Today I spend most of the day sweeping up glass and then waiting to hear back from our insurance company.  My life is like a dance.  Two steps forward and another three steps back... Why when one saves and saves bad things happen?  Very thankful the children were not still outside cleaning the car, it could have been much worse.  The car can be replaced, it is only a material item but not a child.  So back to square one in saving a little more towards our adoption.  Gary needing his car to get to work and my car for medical appointments for the children.  I ask myself over and over why didn't I move the car?   And why now?  Especially when we are saving hard towards our adoption.  This is life, our life. Many ups and many downs...  Well tomorrow we will wake up and start a new day.  Tonight our car still sits and waits to be towed away.  Sad knowing that we worked so hard to keep it in great shape and then seeing it destroyed so easily by an old 100 year old tree.


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