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Almost there, I kept saying this to myself...

Yes we are almost there... This week we had to get update letters from the Embassy in Washington for our children we adopted.  Next updating our TB test and finish up the medicals and we are done.
YES DONE, FINISHED and next we are off to Baton Rouge for Apostilles.

Once this is done we can ship our dossier.  There is no better feeling than to finally be able to send off a years worth of paperwork.  Each piece was cried over, some were searched for and others we had to give our blood for.  Yes these children are adopted from both Gary and my blood.  With out blood tests, our blood we would not be able to adopt these two or our other children. The photo shown reminds me of both Clyde and Ellie.  Even though we still have to meet I pray each night for them and also their little friends they live with.  I pray that each child is adopted and finds a family.  Once at age 5 years children are transferred to older children's homes and some to institutional settings where it becomes difficult to be adopted.  With each country, every country has laws and most orphanages have to make room for the younger children and the older children have to be moved up.  Much like school but when they reach a particular or certain age they are released or discharged from the care of their country into the streets.

It is hard to face knowing not every child will get adopted. Health, age etc.. is a big factor in being adopted.  Most people want young healthy children and babies.   Once they get older or if they are I they are pushed back and eventually age out.

I could write to everyone how when you age out what happens.  It is not good.  Many children have no families nor do they have any where to go.  Many end up in jail, many are disable and remain in an adult mental institution. Many beaten daily, starved, raped and lay in beds in their wet bedding.  I remember the first time I visited an orphanage.  The smell was awful and I threw up daily during visits.  Some of the windows broken and the orphanages were cold and dark.   I seen young girls around age 14 on the streets with babies to care for.  Many with HIV or AIDS.  Boys laying in small holes to stay warm during the winter months.  Wine and beer cheaper than water so a lot of drunks walking around,  Stray dogs and cats roam the streets as well as homeless children.  Yes this is where Ellie and Clyde may end up if not adopted.

There are good orphanages and also the ones not so good.  Many caregivers are kind but I met a few that were not. I seen children lifted up by their arms and yelled at.  Children calling you Momma and Poppa when you enter into the doors.  Hands from everywhere grabbing on to you.  Caregivers grabbing them away as they cry for attention. Babies and toddlers laying in beds day after day.. Since 1998 I seen a lot I wished I could forget.  I said the last adoption this was the last.  But I saw that Clyde was still there when we adopted Katya in 2012.  I wanted him then but a family committed to him and then backed out.  This pass year we saved and prayed for this boy to be our son.  And soon we are praying the courts allow and grant us him to be ours.  Ellie was available on my birthday May 8th 2017.  Something inside told me this little girl needs a Momma and that Momma is me..  SO here we are working on bringing these two precious children home.

Nightly I pray for these two children, I pray for the much needed funds,  I am tying to built the funds and still I will not give up on these two children.  I am going work with God and move mountains for them.  Many people wonder why people adopt children with special needs.  I have been ask this by many.  I have a good heart and I am a very kind person.  But I am one heck of a mother and love my children.  I know that God lead me to their country and to them. AND he will lead me through the mountain to bring them home... Please pray for our adoption in bringing these two home....


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