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Embasssy Letters done :O)) & Medical Complete

Our updated Embassy Letter arrived the other day in the mail :O))
And our medicals have been updated.  So the next step is heading to the Commission's Office
to apostille our Dossier.

WE have been praying through our journey to adopt and we know that God has his plans for our family.  In prayers we pray that both children are available when we travel.  Not sure if we will be able to travel early to meet Ellie.  But also praying she is available when we do.  If not I am praying that she finds a family, not just any family but a family who will love her dearly like we do.  I think about her and also Clyde.  God knows what is best for everyone and I turn my heart to him.. I give thanks to him daily as I take each breath.  Inside I know both Gary and I have been so blessed through the years and thankful for our Lord bringing us through this journey.   My prayers are that when we get closer to travel time he guides us even more with his love.

This last month so many emotions.. Adoption is a roller coaster or emotions.  Paperwork alone is hard and stressful to deal with.. I have been lucky I had someone to help me through preparation.  I pray also I did not bug her to much..  

This has nothing to do with our Dossier.  Maybe venting today.  I have not been as active in trying to raise the funds for Clyde and Ellie's adoption.  Daily I have been trying to save and sell things.  At this moment I want to focus in helping friends and families around me with their adoptions.  So if I post about a family please pray for them as you prayed for ours.  Also if you are able to advocate or donate please do so and I thank you..  I have not meet either Clyde or Ellie but through photos I see two children living in an orphanage waiting.  Honestly there are thousands of children waiting.  Some of these children die while waiting.  And once home like our Gennie they also earn their little wings.  This pass couple of years there has been child after child I knew pass once home and also waiting.  My heart just breaks inside.  Also knowing they each deserve a family to love them as they need to be loved.  The other day was our Gennie's birthdate.  Gennie would have been eight years old.  And that same day I had to attend a funeral.  That same day my heart was breaking inside I did not even stop to think about my baby girl till it was very late.  I just fell to my knees and thought you should have had a cake and presents.  I would have dressed you up with your sisters in a cute frilly dress.  God did not promise me Gennie forever.  Gennie was his and my love was to be shared for a brief time with her.  I learned through Gennie cherish your little ones but also the little ones who need homes.  Also remember that our Lord is kind and loving.  It is up to us as his children to walk beside him and always pay it forward when possible,  And it this moment I need to focus in on this and not myself.  Our needs have been met and also the plans now with our adoption is has been planned.  Now it is up to us to hand over the worries once again to him...

Soon we will be driving to the Commission's Office for our apostilles and then our documents will be sent off..  IN the next posts I will update all...  God bless


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