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Medical exam complete but we have to update all blood work, TB test also needs to be updated and also a letter from the American Embassy needs updating.  All documents have been cleared for approval and these last documents will allow our Dossier to be submitted in August.  Normally it takes 2 months for a travel date.  Our plans will be to travel to review Ellie's file and meet with her.  Secure her and file for a court hearing.  We will leave country and return for court, during Court hearing  we will also be allowed to view Clyde's records and file for his Court Date.  Praying we are able to waive the 30 days of waiting for Ellie if not when we return for Clyde's Court Hearing pickup Ellie and apply for Ellie's passport.. During Clyde's court hearing we will apply for the 30 days to be waived. If not we will have to make four trips which we had not planned. This means additional funds for Ellie's and Clyde's adoption  SO far we have not sold any dinosaurs.  I am not good at Fundraising it seems.  But praying God will move mountains for these two children.  Please again I as you share our journey, pray, advocate for other families adopting and donate when all possible. 

IN 12 days it will be 5 years since our Gennie had passed from CF complications.  It is hard during this time to focus with our hearts breaking.  So many memories we cherished and so many we have lost.  I know we will meet in Heaven again and I will wrap my arms around my baby girl and this time forever.. Gennie was such a sweet giggly little peanut.  I miss her so..

If we do not raise the much needed funds it will delay travels and also the possibility of losing one of or both of the children.  At age 5 years they are transferred normally into an adult setting where they remain till they age out.  What a terrible way to celebrate being five years.  NO birthday cake, no presents, no kindergarten or Mommas or a Poppa to love them both.

In my heart my children are the biggest joy.  Watching them grow and see them flourish I have been truly blessed.  Both Gary and I truly blessed..... Please again include each child our family in your prayers... God bless and thank you.... 


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Today we drove 30 miles to our Local Sheriff station to be finger printed once again.  Praying this will be the last and final time our fingers have to be printed.  Each time you  think it might get easier but my fingers just can not seem to relax.  So far just this adoption we have been ink printed three times and had bio~metric once for USCIS.  With each set of fingerprints means additional costs to our adoption.  The updates alone have added up quickly and we will still have to notarize and apostle each document.  With 60 or so documents it is adding up quickly at $20 a piece for notary and $20 for apostles.  SO a big hunk of our savings we have set back for our trip.  Once our dossier is submitted we will be working towards raising the funds we need to travel with.  And with two new little ones this means two of everything from Airlines, Child's Visas, Children Medicals, Immigration fees and the list goes on and on.  Every dollar so far has came from our savings.  Not one penn…