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I just love this photo of our son to be. He has stolen our hearts.
There are nights I want to sit down and add in my thoughts on our adoption.  Like most adopting families there are a lot of emotions, worries and fears of the journey.  Have gone through seven adoption each has been filled with the excited and unknows of what to expect.  So much through preparing our dossier.  Having to update our dossier has added up quickly and also taken away from the funds we have saved to travel with.

This adoption will be different from our prior adoptions.  We will be taken an additional trip to the three we normally take.  So we may be traveling 4 to 5 trips.  This means extra funds involved for both adoptions.  Our first trip we are going to begin paperwork for our Ellie.  We will be traveling in September or early October for one week and then return back for her court hearing.  Hoping we are able to arrange her court hearing during the time we are able to meet with Clyde.   And during Ellie's pickup trip have court for Clyde.  Praying during this trip we are able to waive the 30 days of waiting for Clyde.  If not we will have to return to meet our son.  Knowing that we will be traveling multiple trips we will also have to hire caregivers for our children while we are away.

Both these children have our hearts and we will move the mountains during this journey.  I am not worried because behind the both of us is our Lord pushing us through this journey.  If I need be I will crawl on my knees to bring our little ones home.  Adoption is costly but two little lives are needing homes with a family.  They both have medical that will need addressing and our insurance and our experience will  cover their needs.

Every penny spent so far have came from my husband working extra at his work and our savings during the year.  Both Gary and I ask for nothing for ourselves only for these two children travel expenses,  what fees involved in bringing them both home.  Once home we have a doctor that specialists in their care.  He will care for their medical needs like he now cares for our daughters.

At home we have a bed set up for our son Clyde in Jake's room filled with toys. And will add our son's name on the wall next to Jake's.  Little Ellie will be blessed to share a room with Penelope our youngest little girl age 5 years.  After our adoption of Ellie and Clyde are family will be completed.  These last two little ones  will be showered in attention and love.  We can not give them the 5 birthdays they celebrated in an orphanage but we will be able to give them many~many more in the future to come.  Both Ellie and Clyde we be celebrating their birthdays when we meet them this fall.  They will both be turning 5 years old close to together.

We are not allowed at this moment to discuss where  either child is located.  Nor their given names.  we have chosen new names for each of them once adopted to replace their birth names.  Both children also have the same medical diagnosis and will need the same medical care which we are currently dealing with another child we adopted.  Later in our adoption journey I will discuss more on Ellie and Clyde's medical needs but for now we have to focus on getting funds to bring them home.

Our family is very fortunate that we are connected to Reece's Rainbow where we meet our children Chrissie, Jake, Gennie, Penelope and our Katya :O))) you can see our family on  also you can donate directly on our FSP Reece's Rainbow.   We are happy to be apart of this big wonderful family of Reece's Rainbow.  And thankful for all the love and support through each of our adoptions.  Please during the next several months share our adoption blog.  By sharing it will help us bring in the funds we desperately need to adopt our children.  Every dollar matters in adopting a children and every child matters.  Our prayers are that these two children will be here and their 6th birthday surrounded by family and friends in a family.   If you are unable to donate, please share, share with your church and community.  Support in numbers, prayers in numbers our little ones need your help and our family to love them.  God bless everyone who prays for them and our family..


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