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Sometimes things don't go as plan...

Yesterday we thought we had everything ready to apostille our Dossier but we found that two of the Dr's  licenses were not signed.  SO, off we went back to the doctor's office and got these fixed.  Once home we scanned these and given the okay.  Then  a few minutes later an error was found in our HS that had to be fixed.  Okay this was fixed with our Social Worker and then our HS reviewed again.  Only to find out the Home Study was going be over 6 months old.  So this meant we had to have a home study update.  MONEY~MONEY~MONEY it seems to go to finishing up our dossier.   Now by the time we go to the Commission's Office we will now have over 64 documents at $20 a piece.  With our Dossier being prepared twice, medical exams twice, FBI's twice and Hague Over sight our 2 Dossiers before authentications will be over $10,000 in preparations of out of pocket funds.

We are blessed to have grants on our boys but we will be making several trips and this means additional airline travels.  Currently trying to get quotes on tickets to be prepared for when we receive a travel date. The Dossier is the main foundation of adopting a child.  It takes multiple documents which take time to locate.  There is notary fees involved, state fees involved, medical costs for all family members, social workers, Hague agencies that over see the adoption and the list goes on and on.  Once the Dossier has be authenticated it is then sent to the country where we plan to adopt our children.  Once in country the Dossier is translated and also then authenticated at their country's level.  Documents are sent to different departments and then approved or disapproved for a family to adopt a child or children.  A committee reviews all documents and makes this decision which can take several months before a family can be accepted and given a date to travel.

Travel dates are given once a family is approved and not till then.  A family can not enter into an orphanage to meet with any children until and official okay is given.  Once in country the family travels to the Adoption Center to review their child's or children's file.  It is then when a family finds out the location of their child or children they chose.  The following day they are given a referral and their dossier to travel to meet their child.

Traveling to your child's city.  You may ride in a car, over night train, express train, bus or by car.  Our boys are several hours away from where we fly in.  So praying we get a same day referral so we can head out to their city.  Both boys are in different cities this means double the cost. Double the travel, double the lodgings etc...  Things add up quickly.  We will be making multiple trips so this means multiple fees.

I will go into detail of our adoption journal as time gets closer.  Till then we are working towards getting our Dossier to the Commission's Office for authentications.  Once done sent to their country and we wait :O)))

Our FSP on Reece's Rainbow has stayed the same for months we are in great need of the funds to travel on.  Each child's grant funds will go toward their facilitator fees and necessary fees to complete their adoption.  We will still be short of having enough funds for airline tickets and lodgings on the multiple trips we will be taking.  I will give a breakdown of cost involved during our travels.  To give you some sort of an idea of what fees are given to whom and why.  Adoption is costly whether in another country or in the US.  There are Attorneys involved, notaries, translations, passports, child's birth certificates, visas and medicals.

Let's talk about airlines.  We will be traveling during the Christmas holidays this means higher airline costs and also hotels.  IN tourist areas hotels are even higher and harder to obtain. Personally I do not like staying in apartments, only hotels due to the time of the year and safety.  Actually it is cheaper to stay in an hotel than verses an apartment.

Please pray as we get our Dossier is being authenticated and shipped.  Also pray that the necessary funds come as we need them..  I will post updates as they occur.  I am hoping through my blog others will decide to adopt also.  God bless 


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