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A Monkey & Shipping

Our Dossier is being prepared to ship to my friend and then it is off
to be submitted.  This was one of my biggest worries was processing and updated documents.  Currently we are have used a great portion of our savings on our dossier.  So now we are back to saving towards Trip 1 to meet our boys.  Our plans our to be there 2 and a half to 3 weeks. This gives us a week to visit each child.  At this moment we are arranging child care etc ahead of time.  With younger children at home it takes a lot of planning.

I wished I had a few new photos of the boys to share. Especially Nolan, Nolan is not his given name, one that was given to him as reference on RR.  What our family has  learned about him is that he has been waiting since a toddler to be adopted.  And also has been listed on RR for quiet so time.  Nolan is currently in a school type setting orphanage where he would remain till he ages out .  Once he reaches 16 he would be aged out where he could not be adopted.  Then released on the street or transferred into an adult mental institutional setting.   I know our Lord has lead him to us and praying he would like to join our family. At his age he can decide whether or not he wishes to be adopted.  So for right now he has a family committed to him not only on paper but also in heart.  Nolan is currently 13 years old and I was told he loves bananas and also Monkeys.  Nolan is mentally delayed due to abuse he received as a little boy.  Praying we can work with him in building his trust as we have with our other children. The other day we went and got him a Monkey from Built A Bear with Monkey sounds.   So we will be bringing his Monkey when we travel.  Nolan we were told has the kindest heart and is a very loving young man.  And are blessed to be able to get to meet him this winter.

This year has been filled with ups and downs.  Paperwork on top of paperwork.  Through this process we had documents updated, Home study completed, Criminal Clearances after Criminal Clearances done.  Last minute Home study update and delays have dipped into our savings.  Praying we are able to save enough funds and raise what is needed for first trip.  Currently we know we will be doing three trips, possibly a fourth.  I am hoping I might be able to stay from trip one to trip two and return home.  Either way it will cost.  Returning home from trip one will help with the child care of the children.  But doing this will add up extra in additional airline fees. Staying in country will cost additional in travel lodgings etc.. but cost us in childcare of children at home. Being away from the children is difficult on each of them, especially with regular medical appointments.  With each child being special needs and on meds there is also the needs of  med refills and med scheduling.  Then there are the pets involved and in their care.   So a lot of planning to do.  These months now will pass quickly now and holidays will be coming.  The way it looks we will be there during Christmas and we will miss time away from the children.  So praying we can work out things where we can plan family time with extended family.  Next Christmas our boys will be here, our new grandchildren and their parents here also during the holidays.

The next step in our adoption is the submission of our Dossier.  It will be translated, reviewed and registered.  Once this is completed we wait and also pray our Dossier is in order.  Praying we need no more updates etc..  This means we will now be in the waiting stage of our adoption.  Till then I will blog about our preparation for travel and our thoughts.  Again I ask you to pray for our family as we wait but also please pray for everyone who also are adopting...


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