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Almost there

Almost there.. This pass year was one for ups and downs.  Once again we lose another computer so I have had no way to keep up our blog but my phone. Being a little older my eyes and fingers are a tad slower.   The next month we will be figuring out just what to pack.  And with us traveling in colder weather we will need heavy coats and boots.  Winters are tough so I am going be prepared once we step off the plane on to the landing strip.  Since we are not going directly into a terminal we will be boarding a bus to bring us to our terminal. Once inside we pick up our luggage and through customs to declare our cash on hand. Any thing over 10,000 you have to declare. So larger amounts you divide amounst one another.  Our DAPS appointments are a day or two after arrival.  Then off to visit our first son and then return for our second appointment.  Not sure how long our firat trip will be till we are there.  Once in our child's city we get permission to meet our child from a local official office.   And then it is off to meet our first son.
What's taking you so long?
I've been waiting 4 years.


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Today we drove 30 miles to our Local Sheriff station to be finger printed once again.  Praying this will be the last and final time our fingers have to be printed.  Each time you  think it might get easier but my fingers just can not seem to relax.  So far just this adoption we have been ink printed three times and had bio~metric once for USCIS.  With each set of fingerprints means additional costs to our adoption.  The updates alone have added up quickly and we will still have to notarize and apostle each document.  With 60 or so documents it is adding up quickly at $20 a piece for notary and $20 for apostles.  SO a big hunk of our savings we have set back for our trip.  Once our dossier is submitted we will be working towards raising the funds we need to travel with.  And with two new little ones this means two of everything from Airlines, Child's Visas, Children Medicals, Immigration fees and the list goes on and on.  Every dollar so far has came from our savings.  Not one penn…