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Since July 27, 2017 I have fought to get my dossier completed.  Document after document just when will it end.  After rushing last week to what I thought was our last 4 documents I found out today ther was another 4 documents needing to be done.  This means 4 more notarized ones, 4 more apostilles and also 4 more hours to drive to Baton Rouge and another 4 hours back... 

This also means 4 times $20 for notary                         ($80)
Apostilles 4 times $20                                                    ($80)
Gas to get there and back for 570 miles                         ($114.00)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner while on the road around    ($40)      

Prayers said during this trip 5 MILLION AND 4 prayers, pee breaks every 30 minutes if I leave later in the morning.  So I get up early so they will still be a little sleepy and sleep a little extra so no pee stops.  Jake I hook up to his feeding pump so no worries on feeding him, he'll have a full tummy.  But praying no poopies there and back..  Jake loves to ride in the car so he sits quietly as I drive.  Now Poppy she talks and talks and talks and bugs Katya.  Well Chrissie she reads and Patrick is has his ear buds in and rocks with the music.  And me I pray and pray and pray.

God guide me through this last 4 documents.  Get them there by this weekend so on Monday they head over to my soon to be new children's country. Bless each document as it is stamped and notarized.  It is not just pieces of paper but two children needing homes.  Our Home in our family...


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