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Update and paperwork

Since losing Clyde it has been difficult to write.  Honestly seeing his precious face brings me to tears.  I feel in love with a child I will never get to hold or love but in my heart.  His birthday was December 20th the same day as Katya's birthday.  I had purchased him presents, gifts and had made him a quilt for his little bed.  We had decided on the name Gabriel. He was to be our little angel, our little messenger and our little boy.  A boy who will be forever in my heart.  I am not depressed, just really sad inside.  WE moved document after document to submit so we would be able to adopt Clyde and still I failed him. I feel as if I failed someway to him.  He will never know he had parents coming for him.  I pray in his country a family there adopts him and loves him.  Teaches him about our Lord and how wonderful and loving he is.  I pray Clyde stays warm this winter and has a blessed life.

 This pass month I had to update agency licenses, social workers licenses and then once sent I had to also update our Home Study to add on little Miss P.  Her name on Reece's Rainbow is Penelope a name that is given temporary till she is adopted.  I will be calling her our Miss P since we have a Penelope at home which we call "Poppy".  Gary and I will decide whether or not to change her name once we met her in during trip.

Since the beginning of our adoption we had only been able to raise $22.00 towards both Nolan and Miss P. adoption.  With having to update paperwork for our dossier we have used all our savings in the bank and at the moment only have the grants both children have to paid legal fees for the children.  I am praying for a miracle that we have the funds we need once we are given a date to travel.  At this moment we have invested well over $16,000 in documents and pray that no other documents are needed till we travel.

Through out our adoption I had placed my worries to our Lord, he has provided Gary with over time at work and I also had been saving as we did documents.  But now we are down to a few fishes and barely a loaf of bread.  I have divided up the fish in helping others and been hanging on the small portion of bread the Lord allowed us to keep.  AS if this has been a rough and long journey we have not boarded our plane to meet the child or children our Lord has planned for us to love and cherish.

AS we wait for a date I try and arrange and rearrange things in our home.  We had started on our bathroom upstairs to make it handicap assessable.  Unfortunately the plumber we hired had other plans with the money we gave him for the repairs.   So we have an empty bathroom to finish and no funds.  Split between our adoption and our bathroom being completed.  Still wondering which one will be done first.  Between a prayer and a pot each day of worries....

Please if you have a church who is wanting to help us in funds to bring the children home our FSP and Paypal link is on our blog.


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