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Full of emotions today

I am get back to blogging our journey this week and share some photos and our journey.
Today I found myself missing our new little ones.  I wonder if they know we are coming back
for the both of them.  Many tears as we walked out the door and said our goodbyes.

This adoption has been a hard one for many reasons.  Updating documents and not knowing which
child we were meant to adopt.  Honestly I just did not know what to expect once we were there.
I knew this time deep inside I feel nervous and also excited.  With prior adoptions things felt so much
differently than this one.  Maybe because this journey has been also a year in waiting.

When we first met Barbara in hopped a little girl full of life and smiles.  As I watched her I noticed she was as nervous as I was.  But shortly we got to know one another.  I knew then inside as she sat across from us that this was our child, our daughter.. I felt inside love for a child I only met for a minute.  As if they had handled her to us like I had given birth.  My heart melted inside, my sweet
little girl all this wait and worry and I knew then God had us wait just for her.  She is the sweetest most loving little girl, full of spunk.   In her orphanage three times a week a Karate coach worked with her and also Sage.  He told us he only choses children who have the determination and drive.
Barbara with her spine being so twisted and one leg totally twisted and shorten.  This one little girl had the drive and determination to be a champion.  She does not let her disability affect her spunk.
She is one of a kind child, a child who no matter how much has been placed on her she has the best self esteem.  How blessed we are to have been able to meet such a child and now a child that will become our daughter.. I love this little girl so much and today my heart misses her dearly.
Barbara third place in Hungry for Karate


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